NATURPRO is a young, ambitious and dinamically growing company, which has been engaged in the manufacturing of high quality cosmetics for face, body and hair care for 5 years. Over the years of the company’s fruitful working the production process has incorporated all components of the infallible success: modern technological base, highly skilled technical staff, the most important scientific researches and ecologically clean raw materials, on the basis of which all products are manufactured.
The main goal of our company is to give everyone the opportunity to take all natural beauty from nature.
BEAUTY, QUALITY and TEAM – those are the three pillars on which our company mission leans. Beauty inspires us; high quality of our products builds loyalty; our team of young and ambitious professionals of their craft is the main resourse in the process of winning and viable products creating.
Distinctive features of the manufacturing process are professional approach used at all production stages and thoroughly developed composition, combined with tried and tested technology and control on the each manufacturing stage – all those factors allow our company to create the highest quality products for you.
Every product has passed thorough check for components compability and also hypoallergenicity test.


Starting from the registration of the first trade mark and to a host of brands of various cosmetic products for skin and hair care, the efficiency of the company development has been driven by constant expansion of production, which has been caused by a growing consumer’s interest. The company portfolio consists of the following trade marks:


ТМ «BEAUTYDERM» is the main company brand in the category of products for face and body care, which embodies the world innovations and actual trends of cosmetic market’s development. Facial masks became the first product category. During rather short time period thousands of Ukrainian women have appreciated the quality of the products and included them into their daily beauty routine, that have boosted brand to become a sales leader of “Masks” category in the market of Ukraine.
In 2017 product category “Cleansing” was launched.
2019-2020 is the period of restyling, rebranding and expanding of product lines in “Skincare” and “Cleansing”. In the short time we shall see renewed and extended product line from BEAUTYDERM.


ТМ «HAIR TRAND» was launched on the market in the autumn of 2017.
Our mission is to achieve professional hair care at home. The trade mark includes three main directions: 3D volume, glazing (for color treated hair) and deep reconstruction. Every product line consists of shampoo and hair mask.
HAIR TREND uses such innovative researches as two-phase leave-in conditioners and oil for hair structure recovery.


ТМ «ELEN Cosmetics» is one of the youngest brands. This trade mark is focused on skin cleansing. Micellar water, washing gel, toners and clays are the main products of the brand.


ТМ «QUEEN SKIN» – is the youngest trade mark, which was launched in the summer of 2019. The first three products are natural body scrubs: with coconut, with raspberry bones and with coffee. Next in line for launch are sugar scrubs, mousses and natural oils for body skin care. All brand positions have the most of natural ingredients in composition.


ТМ «NATURPRO» is the first brand of the company, launched in the summer of 2014, which started, in general, the powerful and dinamical development of face masks category in Ukraine. Initial assortment consisted of 6 kinds of dry clays. Further, in 2018, coconut oils product line was launched. In 2019 brand assortment was expanded with cold pressed unrifined coconut oil.
The base of trade mark positioning, explained by its name, is 100% natural components, which products contain.


Every product has passed thorough check for components compability and also hypoallergenicity test. Set of ingredients of every item is the result of long term work on the development and selection of complementary elements.


Our team creates highly-effective and advanced cosmetic products, which passes mandatory hierarchical testing procedure at every manufacturing stage from raw materials supply to final product.

The customers choose our products, because they trust us.