Black clay with activated charcoal and aloe vera extract, 50 g

Cosmetic black clay’s special property is based on its containing of biologically active agents, which normalize fat metabolism in skin cells. That is why black clay is essential product for every skin type treatment. While body wrapping black clay facilitates body volumes reducing, helps to recover from cellulite, normalizes metabolic processes, enhances blood flow and activates defensive and regenerative mechanisms in the organism.
Using of clay for facial treatment delays skin ageing and quickly rejuvenate damaged skin areas.

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Application method:
1. 1. Cosmetic mask:
mix the clay with water in a small bowl (preferably non-metallic) till creamy consistency, apply evenly to the cleansed face, rinse the mixture with warm water in 10-15 minutes. Then apply moisturizing cream if necessary.
2. Hair treatment: prepare the mask (see clause 1),
apply with the massage movements to the scalp and slip on a warmth-keeping cap for 15-20 minutes, then rinse with warm water.
3. Body treatment (clay bathes):
clay bathes help forward cellulite control, prevent acne, relieve itching, rejuvenate and lift the skin. The course consists of 10-12 bathes. To prepare the bath dissolve 100-150 g of the clay in the water, take a bath during 20-30 minutes, rinse the body skin with warm and then with colder water.
4. Body treatment (body wraps):
improve metabolism, speed up the cells rejuvenating, detoxify, enrich the skin with useful elements. Prepare the cosmetic mask (see clause 1), apply it to the problem areas, wrap with a film for sauna effect and relax under the blanket during 1 hour. Then rinse the clay with warm water.

Ingredients/ INCI: black clay, activated charcoal, aloe vera extract.


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